UK Business Software Vs Globally Sourced – What Are the Risks of Buying Non UK Business Software?

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There are many owners of small businesses that buy software from abroad each year. The growth of the internet has meant that software packages are becoming widely viewed by a global audience. There are some great advantages to why you would consider buying some business software from abroad. But unfortunately there are also some very high risks to buying software from abroad. We are not here to say buying software from abroad is bad – far from it. We just feel that people should go into the buying decision knowing all of the risks involved. This article aims to explore the considerations and information required to provide you with the information to make the right decision for your business.

Main considerations when UK business software vs. globally sourced technology

1) Regulatory

First and foremost the product you buy must comply with the laws of the land. When you consider buying accounting or CRM software it is imperative that the chosen supplier understands the UK market. This is clearly pertinent within the accounting software industry. It is crucial that any accounting software that is purchased keeps up to date with UK laws in order to keep the administration of annual returns to a minimum. If you choose to buy a package sourced outside the UK the software may be designed to satisfy the returns and administration of a foreign jurisdiction. Business software made in the UK will mostly be tailor made to ensure that all returns and related administration is related to the standards set by the UK government. Having software that is aligned to UK law prevents you from having to spend unnecessary time amending annual returns allowing more time to be spent on driving value for your business.

2) Financial

There are financial advantages and disadvantages to be considered when buying software from non UK sources. It is possible to get very good value exchange rate opportunities when buying non UK software if buying software for an upfront fee. However, it is important to consider when buying software on a monthly tariff that exchange rates fluctuate and what starts off as a very cost effective solution can become very expensive if the exchange rates take a turn for the worse. Buying a software solution from the UK removes the risk of the risk of having fluctuations in international exchange rates.

3) Cultural

Cultural differences that are generated from time zones and geographical differences have an impact on your ability to get the best out of your chosen software. Whatever software you buy will require some support at some stage. Whether you have a technical problem or simply want some advice on how to get the best out of your software it’s very important that you are able to easily contact your supplier. This is where UK business software can offer more flexibility than business software sourced outside the UK. Trying to phone the US can be both inconvenient and costly whilst non English speaking countries can offer their own obvious challenges. In order get the best out of your software it is critical to have the opportunity to contact your supplier and receive quality support.

If it was me, i would always feel safer buying UK based software for my business. It means a lot to me to be able to contact my supplier whenever I need them and be able to speak about UK specific content that they understand. I also feel that it would be a huge risk keeping up with UK laws – changes happen every year and I want to be safe in the knowledge that my returns will be up to date and inclusive of any changes to UK legislation.

That said, I do realise that there are great value deal to be had from purchasing globally sourced software and choice is certainly wider. Ultimately it is you call to weigh up the pros and cons and do whatever is right for your business.

Importance of Using Business Software To Get More Benefits

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In this competitive world, every single person & institution needs to work hard in order to survive. Rivalry is increasing in a large extent in the entrepreneurial world. So each & every company no matter how large or small they may be needed to struggle with certain everyday management tasks. Whether it is project resources, keeping track of employee paid time off requests or managing finances, it is essential to keep an established process in place,otherwise it can be quite easy for these tasks to become unmanageable and get disorganized.

Handles Management Tasks Easily:

Advanced software systems not only help to solve these common management problems, but they can simplify, ease and streamline the way your business handles their everyday management tasks. The integration of business software with a company’s pre-existing Financial and Project Management applications gives your products a great advantage over other competitors.

Saves Time, Manpower & Money:

There are many advantages of using business software, One of these is that it can help to automate some tasks which are necessary in running an enterprise. For Example: creating reports and graphs, collecting data, and calculating figures. Although this type of work will seem trivial at first, but when the venture begins to grow with the passage of time, they will increasingly get in the way of your expansion. However, through the use of electronic applications to do the tasks, they can be accomplished in a short while, enabling you to save effort, time, manpower and money.

Allows to Have a Great Computing Experience:

These programs also allow you to have a smooth computing experience, particularly if you need to use several data processors in your office. A system optimization software, however, can do constant checks to ensure that everything is functioning well and that you will instantly be alerted if any problem occurs. You will likewise definitely be able to save all crucial data and back them up in a safe place. Having security applications can also protect your equipment from harmful viruses and malicious hackers who can browse through important information such as private documents, tax data and passwords.

Increases Efficiency, Accuracy & Rapidity:

In this digital age, rapidity and efficiency in performing a task are inevitable to maintain competitiveness. The Incredible speed of various softwares allows business to become more efficient and focus on other areas of the business.

Stores all Sorts of Data Safely:

Business software allows a business to store all sorts of important business documents and spreadsheets in digital format. Such documents can include: inventory lists, financial information, employee information, sales records and much more. Digital storage of information also allows for easy and fast sharing of the information with other business departments.

Prevents Mistakes:

Using business software system equipped with all of the modern business software helps to prevent mistakes. For example, with the increase in customer information, it is easy to keep the information in a secure digital and organized format. At the same time it helps a lot to manage customer loyalty programs. In today’s competitive business environments, it is essential to build and maintain a strong customer base.

Provides Better Services to the Customers:

The modern business software allows businesses to run a smoother operation and provide better service to their customers. Management can better be able to control nearly every aspect of their business. With fully integrated software, managers can study all the departments almost simultaneously, checking payroll, sales reports, and ledgers one minute and the next looking at employee expenses and bills for materials.

Helps to Increase Communications:

Good communication is inevitable to make prosper in business, the increased use of business software leads to faster transfers of information between departments and full integration of internal systems and communications.

Keeps Track of the Progress of Business:

With the business software, you can simply check the status online as the employees working on the project would be required to update the status of the software. You just need to simply sign into the application and check the status.

Allows Flexibility:

Since the software is web-based, you can access the software from a tablet, laptop or smartphone, you can now give a thought to that long overdue vacation and still keep a tab of what is happening in the office. It also lets employees work from home or take work home on days when coming to the office is not possible. So, the chance to work getting stalled due to inability to attend office is almost zero.


Benefits of Integrated Business Software

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Lately, the term “Integrated Business Software” has been used very freely within the business software industry. Improper or incomplete terminology by the software makers leads only to further confusion and misunderstanding of the true meaning of fully integrated business software. When a company offers a variety of compatible software products, it does not always make them integrated.

However, when a software is conceived and taken through its development and evolution processes as a single database system with various interconnected business software modules seamlessly communicating with the database and each other, only then one can truly call it an Integrated Business Software.

Integrated business software has lots of advantages over its non or pseudo integrated counterparts. Most of these benefits come from the usage of a single system wide database.

First of all, your data is stored in a centralized location making it accessible from anywhere using any of its individual integrated elements. Any of the company business data from manufacturing, supply chain management, financing, human resources, customer relationship management and others is shared instantly throughout your organization based on a specific set of predefined access rules, therefore allowing the right people to have access to the right information. For example, managers and other superiors can keep track and monitor the entire business processes from development to post sales support.

Second of all, when using a single database software, your information security is maximized. On a properly setup system the information is practically fail safe and much easier to maintain and support as opposed to the other systems.

Third of all, your entire organization “speaks the same language” when it comes to any business processes. It completely eliminates problems and delays related to using different formats and standards. Time required for training new employees is minimized as well.

Finally, another great benefit of using such business software is that such system will fully meet company’s initial requirements by utilizing specific elements of the software suite. And because it uses a single database, it is also future safe, allowing you to add additional modules later on, without having to repurchase or reconfigure your existing system. The new elements are simply added without any incompatibility issues.

These are just some of the more important and obvious benefits one can expect from using a truly integrated software. The overall outcome of using such system will have a much more drastic impact on your organization’s performance. It will dramatically improve efficiency and productivity (like any business productivity software does) of any company’s activities related to software use, which is what any company regardless of its size and structural complexity always strives for.